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ABRIDGE and COVEREDGE, CAAAM’s official newsletter and magazine, bringing you information and insights from CAAAM activities, news and alumni experiences in China. Focused on China – Malaysia ties that benefits the infrastructure of the economy and development for both nations. Click on the download button for the online newsletter and magazine format in PDF.

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Over the past three years, more than 400 Malaysian participants including government officials, businessmen, engineers, etc., have been selected to go for training programs in various fields in China. To advance China-Malaysia friendship

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The Chinese Embassy has gathered the information of 236 alumni who have participated seminars, workshops or training programs in China from 2009 to 2015. Creating a platform to collect alumni’s suggestions on China ­Malaysia cooperation

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In recent years, the Chinese government sponsors around 10,000 people from other countries to attend training programs every year. Moreover, China has also trained a large number of personnel by technical cooperation with other countries.

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China’s Foreign Aid – Human Resources Development and Cooperation

Under the framework of China’s foreign aid, human resources development and cooperation is conducted by hosting research and training programs for government officials, education programs, technical training programs and other personnel exchange programs for developing countries on a bilateral or multilateral basis.

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