A Journey to the East

Wan Aminuddin bin Wan Hitam
Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia

23 October 2017, Changsha, China

It was in the middle of October 2017 and the cold autumn breeze blew through my skin as I arrived in Changsha’s ground. Being in Changsha is like to be in two different time zone where the modernization and basics are blended harmoniously. I can see many sophisticated types of equipment but at the same time, the people still preserved their traditional customs.

China consumes lots of energy and this resulted in China as top two energy consuming country and dominated the growth of economic and development in the world. China has taken preventive measures in order to protect their precious natural landscape by promoting renewable energy such as solar photovoltaic, wind power, pumped storage power plant and many other renewable energy resources.

The China’s government is focusing on reducing the carbon emission. As a consistent leader in solar power production and installation, China has targeted to have 5O GW of installed capacity by the end of 2017. This show that China is in a serious business in producing energy from the renewable resources to cater the domestic demand for electricity.

The journey continues to Tongxiang City and Hangzhou City via high-speed trains. I can still enjoy the scenic view even though the train was moving at 306 km per hour. Malaysia had reached an agreement with China to develop East Coast Railway Link (ECRL) which will enhance the social and economic development in east coast area.

It is very impressive that the use of electric vehicles is emphasized in Hangzhou city. Despite the large population and the bustling traffic, air quality in Hangzhou city feels cleaner than Changsha City due to the uses of electric vehicles. Besides that, it is also a good approach to reducing both noise and air pollution.

Besides that, the visits to tourist spots, like the historical West Ancient Wall and Wuzhen East Scenic Zone gave us the chance to reflect and appreciate the local culture of China. The beautiful nature of West Lake Hangzhou City has reminded me of being thankful to the Lord for giving us all these wonderful and miraculous things. The trip to China is not completed without indulging the Chinese delicacies.

I hope that I can share the knowledge and experience that I have gained with my colleagues in Malaysia. As a powerful nation, China has the ability to change the world. Development is acceptable as long as it does not jeopardize humankind and peace.