First Study Tour in China


This is my first study tour in China. I’m very impressed with the business model that the China Government undertaking in term of promoting the green energy and the green technologies. Even though the urbanisation is still low compared to Malaysia, but in term of exploration of the green technology is far ahead in Malaysia. The business model of promoting the green technology by the China Government with huge subsidy in domestic market but exporting the technologies to other countries is the ultimate goal. This is able to generate the value creation in terms of the technologies and the expertise. This was my first experience travelling via High-Speed Rail (HSR). It was one of the most memorable and exciting trips. China’s development of the rail technology has been extremely impressive. Even though the European countries and Japan have ventured in HSR earlier than China, China has the longest HSR track as compared to other countries.

Furthermore, the fare seems to be affordable too. Generally speaking, the program was well organized and the most exciting part of the programme were the visits to local enterprises and tourist spots. The visit to the local heritage, cultural and the ancient city was breathtaking. The heritage and cultural value are still prominent from the calligraphy philosophy to the heritage value of the ancient city. The China government has developed the cluster of tourism spots, thus making it convenient for the tourist to move around. The Silk Museum was an interesting visit as I had a better understanding of the transition of the silk industry. This workshop was particularly beneficial for participants who were unfamiliar with Chinese culture. I have also gained a better understanding of how Chinese corporations function and the Chinese government economic policies. It also enables participants to see and feel the progress that the country has achieved. I do hope this program will be continued to benefit the other participants.