Seminar on China-Malaysia Business Culture Integration

On the 28th February 2017, China Embassy of Malaysia and Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China has made an arrangement for a few China companies from Malaysia to participate in this event. The event ended on 14th March 2017 and warm congratulations to all participants. Their seminar was conducted by Academy International Business Official (AIBO), Beijing, China.

Lecture conducted by Zhou Jianhuan has covered regarding China’s 5000 years of history, cultural background and etc. Meanwhile, the second lecture by Zhou Wai Kang was regarding the expansion and evolution and economics and growth of both Malaysia and China. Besides that, in the third lecture, Prof. Zhuang Rui gave a few development and problems on China’s economy. One of it was on how Chinese Economic Reform and Open and some Chinese achievements and social evolution.

The lecture was continued by Jianguo from China Poly Group Corporation, introducing about China Technical Assistance and New Energy in China. Pang Yi from Beijing Technology and Business University taught us on a few important facts of Transitional Changes of Business Culture and Environment in Chinese History. We also have the honour to meet up with a group of members from Zhuhai Bureau of Commerce lead by Mr.Xiu Liu from Foreign Trade Development Section Senior staff to have a short culture exchange between Malaysia and Zhuhai.

Our first field trip was on 3rd March 2017 scheduled to Hanergy Renewable Energy Exhibition Center. The company main objective is to change the world by clean energy development with a new technology investment plan. 4th March 2017, a field trip was arranged by AIBO to visit China’s historical value, The Great Wall of China. This particular historical icon in China is listed as one of the world wonders. Our field trip was continued by visiting The China Olympic Stadium, a modern architecture that has a close resemblance to a “Birds Nest” and Water Cube Stadium which hold the 2008 Beijing Olympic grand opening ceremony and event.

On the following day, our field trip was continued by visiting the Forbidden City. During the tour, we have gained knowledge of the historical stories and meaning behind every symbol on the building. The programme was continued by Yu Jia on “Cultural Integration of China Overseas Investment and Management”. Later on, Yu Lu, Vice Chairman continue to lecture on “Acceleration of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce on Import & Exports”. On the 8th of March 2017, we few to Qing Dao to continue our program. On the next day, we visited HAIER Corporation and were introduced to HAIER history track until their success development on today’s China market.

We also visited Qing Dao Planning Exhibition Hall. There was a demonstration of the future plan and development in Qing Dao. Finally, on the last day of the seminar, our closing ceremony of the 14days of stay in Beijing was held on 13 March 2017. The closing ceremony is officially declared by Mr Zhang HaiLong, Deputy Director of AIBO, MOFCOM. During this 14days, we have a good understanding and how important is the “One Belt, One Road” for the global development. It has also deepened our understanding of China culture & background and economic reformation over the decades. Therefore, we hereby wish to express our great appreciation and thanks to our company leader by giving us this opportunity attending this great event. Last but not least, we wish to thank you AIBO, MOFCOM and China Embassy for this “China-Malaysia Business Culture Integration” event!