Delegates for the Seminar on Infrastructure, Planning and Construction

Nik Khairul Rizal bin Nik Aziz
Economic Planning Unit Prime Minister’s Department

7 – 20 April 2017, Beijing, China

It was a privilege to be one of the delegates for the Seminar on Infrastructure, Planning and Construction hosted by the China government. During the programme in Beijing, all delegates have been allocated with an accommodation at one of China’s notable and oldest universities on the mainland of China for over 100 years, namely Beijing Jiaotong University. One of the key highlights of the programme was to have the actual look and feel of the accelerated high-speed train. All delegates were taken for a ride via two (2) types of high-speed train operated by China Railway High-speed (CRH) and the Mag-Lev (an abbreviation for Magnetic Levitation). Both train operators had its own out-of-box strategy to uplift its technology offerings to a greater height to align with the competitive market demands. The CRH journey experiences the longitudinal landscape of Beijing-Tianjin, Beijing-Wuhan and Shanghai-Beijing with its top speed of reaching over 308km/h. The entire journey was very comfortable as there were plenty of leg-room between passenger seats which allows business travellers to be seated comfortably while performing their tasks via laptops. The Mag-Lev is yet another astonishing locomotion experience. Powered by a magnetic force that counteracts with gravitational acceleration, the train runs without rail. The high velocity of 430km/h makes a conventional bullet train looks like a snail! It is indeed an utmost tourist attraction with its remarkable top-notch technology in Shanghai. Our next high-speed railway explore was placed in the heart of Wuhan city, Hubei Province namely Wuhan High-speed Railway Vocational Skills Training. This training centre provides training for the train driver. We were given a remarkable opportunity to manoeuvre the train via high-speed railway stimulator. China is known for its lush and splendid heritage and geographical scenery. Delegates were taken for a visit to the fascinating ancient UNESCO site, the Great Wall of China, Tian’anmen Square, and Forbidden City to witness the mesmerising architectural design and façade. We also enjoyed the company to try the local public transport such as bus, subway (train). It was an efficient “last mile” end-to-end connectivity between bus and train station. The seminar was very well organised and I really enjoyed the programme as I would be able to get an insight to experience the implementation of high-speed train in China. It was a fantastic opportunity to see the growth of train industry in a foreign country especially in China, coupled with its sightseeing and culture.