The Chinese Experience

Kelvin Vinod

Travelling almost 3000km from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to our frst destination, Changsha, has been seamless. Stepping into Changsha and Hang Zhou city, one thing that could not escape from one’s attention is the never-ending commitment of the Chinese government towards a greener city.

This can be witnessed through the ban on motorcycles, which is replaced by e-bikes and ride sharing bicycles that are more environmentally friendly and less polluting. To further encourage this initiative, the Chinese government and municipality provide dedicated motorcycle and bicycle lanes to ensure the safety of users.

After spending a few days in Changsha, we were given the opportunity to travel to Hang Zhou via the High-Speed Rail. The 700km journey from Changsha to Hangzhou, stopping over at Quzhou, serves as another testament to the commitment of Chinese government in providing an efficient and environmentally friendly yet fast and effective way to travel. The ride was smooth, providing the unparalleled level of comfort to all passengers.

In Hang Zhou, we visited the silk museum where we were introduced to the history of silk making in a contemporary and interactive setting, making the whole experience much more delightful and palatable. Besides that, we also visited the West Lake, which is a major tourism icon of the city. The beautiful scenery provided a much-needed break from the city life. The lake makes a perfect place for sightseeing and other recreational activities.

The organisers took us to Tongxiang city to experience the historical and cultural side of China. Wuzhen, the ancient water city, is a perfect tourism site to get a glimpse of China’s rich history. In this city, many tourism products are clustered together (ancient buildings, museums and souvenir shops) to provide the best tourist experience. The sites are well managed and very informative.

The whole experience has been an eye-opener for us. The Chinese government’s noble efforts in creating a greener environment are very noticeable and serve an example to other developing nations.